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2007 Toyota Supra

everyone has seen by now that R&T this month has a blurb in the Future Cars section on the 2008 Supra. It appears the on-again off-again rumors on this car are on again for now. Who knows. They say they have confirmation that Toyota is definitely working on a new Supra, even as Nissan gets ready to put out the next-gen 350Z (which will be little changed by the looks of it). Could be rumors, could be lies, who knows.

But I like the looks of the car they have illustrated in the picture. And they say Toyota is aiming for a $30K price point, and that the car will mechanically be an IS350 (but with a manual option I assume, whereas the IS350 is automatic-only). They are guessing a neighborhood of 350 hp - that engine makes 306 in the Lexus today, and I think they might be optimistic on the 350 figure. But even if it gets to 320 hp that will be pretty good in a 3200-pound body, and of course it will still be naturally aspirated, which I prefer to turbos and S/Cs.

I hope it really happens. I will start to save now - I expect that, knowing Toyota, the base price will be more like $35K, so I need to save a down payment! Line

2007 Toyota Supra
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