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1994 Toyota Supra Review, Nathan, From Virginia

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Supra TT

 Model of the car:Supra TT
 General comments:A amazing car for the money. Expect to pay 20-25k for a 93-94 and 2+k for each year newer. If you can find one for sale, you must buy it that day. Most people look for many months before finding one on sale that meets their standards. If your going to modify it go with the 6-speed. The auto will hold 450 rwhp without a uprgrade to the converter. Either way its a extremly fast car. Only car that has similar straight line performance is the Buick Grand National, but the GN will fall behind at the first turn.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Not really a weakness to be found, maybe that it holds its value for so long, thats a weakness to the buyer. Head gaskets tend to blow.
 Previous car:Ferrari 512TR, 911 TT, Buick Grand National

Review 1994 Toyota Supra Nathan, From Virginia
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