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1994 Toyota Supra Review, Supra Driver, From Florida

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Twin Turbo Targa

 Model of the car:Twin Turbo Targa
 General comments:I dunno what u morons are doing compairing this car to hondas in any way what so ever. This car would smoke anything i came to a light with. all you guyz that have these 89-90 they never really got fast until 1994 so step inside and have your @$$ handed to u. Mine is stock except for a cool air intake. This car is unbelievable any one of you car guys who thinks you can take my car on i'll see u in my rear view as i do 0-60 in 4.60 than on through the quarter in 9.86@189mph. U guyz have no idea i street race and have taken on just about anything you can imagine, i have over 100 races and i have only lost twice. once to a highly modded viper and once two a 1200hp Supra modded for track racing.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:there are't any and if you would like a demonstration look at the tire marks along the streets of Florida.
 Previous car:There aren't any the only car that comes close is the Nissan Skyline GTS and than still can't keep up wit me.

Review 1994 Toyota Supra Supra Driver, From Florida
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